The Rebelution - Rebel Livin'
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The Rebelution

Inspiring & Influencing 1% Of The World To Live Their 'Somedays' TODAY!


The Rebelution is THE home for all nonconformists, rebel-rousers, and basically all who want more out of their freakin' lives! 

Welcome to our movement created by your Chief Rebel-rouser, Kimberly Roberts, with a vision to empower and influence ONE PERCENT OF THE WORLD to start living their 'somedays' today vs just punchin in and out of life!

'Rules' We Vow To Always BREAK

(Because that's what Rebels do!)


Live for everyone else’s needs and wishes before our own, ensuring we teach our families that there is only the one way to happiness: go to school, get a career, get married by having them witness us doing like everyone else does instead of our own paths. Discourage each other from following our dreams or passions. One must stay the course laid out for them. Always squash individualism, freedom, creativity and passions at all costs. Make sure to diminish the person with this as well for extra measure.


Choose our work because it’s what we were told to do by our parents, or authority vs a passion we want to explore and deepen. We will give 110% to helping build someone else’s dreams instead of our own in exchange for a paycheck and park our true dreams, thoughts and ideas at the door to our work every day and smile about it. We will always feel guilty for taking vacations, having a life away from work or being sick. We are certain to discourage our coworkers or employees from trying new things at work. Ideas, anything new and outside of the norm are horrible and dangerous.


Believe that religion and it’s authority rules over us because it’s been around for centuries our parents did it this way, and well, it’s what everyone else is doing, and that there is only one path for our spirituality and all others are losers. We believe that only a few are chosen to come to the promised lands. We believe that we have to do things perfectly to be ‘saved’ from eternal darkness and that while here on Earth, we will be punished in life for all our failures.


Every man, woman and child out for themselves. Only the strong will survive. We will always just ‘go with the flow – not making waves. We will do what everyone else is doing. Think like they do. Be like they are. We believe that people from different places, who look different than we, talk differently, have different beliefs, love differently, live differently are not important at all. Let’s keep to ourselves, our own. We will always take what we want from this earth as it’s for all of us anyways. Let the future worry about shit. All problems in places outside our own homes are other people’s problems that someone else should do something about.side of the norm are horrible and dangerous.


We will live like everyone else wants us to, putting ourselves last. We will work, work, and work waiting until our someday for us to finally live for ourselves, irrespective if it's likely too late or not. We will feel guilty for any thought of wanting anything for ourselves, or to dare to think differently about life. We will believe that every day should be drudgery and without joy and that wanting more out of life is just plain selfish of ourselves.

This Is Our Rebelution.  Are YOU In?