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Damn Glad To Meet You!

Ridiculously Adventurous. Sassy. The Livin' Contradiction of Glam & Hippie. Love the Shit Outta Great Food, Fantabulous Bevvies, Sports, Star Trek, 80s Tunes, Fast Cars & Glitter.

Although my parents recognized me as a Rebel at 6 months of age when I was climbin' outta my crib already, I wasn't officially recognized as such until kindergarten. (Yep - kindergarten) A question on a test (ok, seriously, "tests" for kindergarteners???) asked how many "sides" a circle had. I answered 2: "In-side" and "Out-side." I got it wrong and got the official society label of "Rebel." But I'm gonna stick by that answer Damn it!
Seriously though, I have been helping men and women get out of their funky ass, lives of conformity for years. My background is with 20+ years of management and consulting in the corporate world wherein I applied my penchant for outta the box thinkin to all my proteges and peers. Soon I developed a reputation for "the one to call when you have a crazy ass idea" for strategies on how to make it happen! And I realized how much fuckin' fun it was to be "that gal to call" for the closet rebels.
Today, I've taken this passion borne of those coffee talks so much freakin' further. Creating Rebel Livin' from everything I've learned and applying it to my clients so that they can LIVE OUT LOUD again has become my crazy ass OBSESSION!
I'm so freakin' proud of the KICKASS STORIES my clients will have to tell their grandkids when they are 90! Whoohoo!
Kimberly Roberts, Chief Rebel-rouser

Adventures I've Had So Far...