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Featured Rebel: Meet Joanne Cannings

16 Mar Featured Rebel: Meet Joanne Cannings

Each month we will be featuring a member of The Rebelution - our exclusive community that is together hellbent on influencing and impacting 1% of the world to start livin' their 'somedays' TODAY!  If you aren't a member already, check it out - it's FREE - and it's growing like wildfire!

I'm so freakin excited and super stoked to introduce you to our VERY FIRST Featured Member....Joanne Cannings!

When I met Joanne about a year ago at her group meeting I was privileged to speak to, she was a standout for sure! Wait til you hear more of who she is, what she's up to and why she is indeed an amazetacular REBEL you'll definitely want to connect with!

Featured Member:   Joanne Cannings, St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada

Rebelution Member:   Four months

What inspired you to be a part of The Rebelution?  I love the energy!

Family situation?  Married, single, kids?  Common-law

Tell us a bit about your journey to this point in your life:   I worked in IT at a large automotive manufacturing company for 12 years and thought that I would retire there.  In June of 2016, I was called into a group conference call and several of us were told that our jobs were being eliminated and we were no longer employed after the end of August.

I was not prepared for that news, so I had to find something that I was passionate about.

In the middle of this, my sister-in-law and a good friend from work were both diagnosed with aggressive forms of cancer.

I was trying to find a gift to send to them both and all that I could find were flowers and Get Well gift baskets full of sugary treats. Neither of those were appropriate to give to two people that I cared about.  We were discussing this at work and it was brought up that there should be an alternative to the dismal selection that was available.

That is when I turned my love of making homemade products that I was already making for my family into a business. I started Box of Hugs.

I put care boxes together with products that I make that are made with ingredients that are chemical free and made with a lot of ingredients found in my kitchen. I make soap, lip balm, hand sanitizer, linen spray, bath salt, bubble bath bars, bath bombs and put them in a nice box and tie with a pretty bow and people that are at their lowest points in their lives feel incredible when they receive this gift.

I learned how to make all these products such as soap with olive oil, coconut oil, lye and distilled water. How incredible is that?

I used the essential oils that I already had and coloured with spices in my cupboard. I have to admit, only here of course, that I am addicted to making soap!  I play with scents, colours and different type of oils and I enjoy it so much!  

All I want is to make people feel good when they open a Box of Hugs and I know that everything is safe for them and their families as well as safe for the environment.

What are you most excited about in your life right now? Are there 'Somedays' you're living right now?  I love to come up with unique ideas for my business that makes it stand out from the rest!

What support can you offer other Rebels?  I can show that you can start over when you are in your mid 50's and do something that you are passionate about.

What is something that people that first meet you would be surprised to know about you?  I am so shy and I never left the house on my own even to go to the grocery store.

What is the MOST rebellious thing you've done in your life that you are MOST proud of - the thing that has gone against what everyone else thought you should do? How did it feel? Would you do it again?   I have been going to networking meetings and workshops all on my own. I go in and look like I have all the confidence in the world. I do it every single day and it feels great!

What do you find most valuable in being a member of The Rebelution? What are you looking forward to by being a member?  I am empowered by women when they work together and not against each other.

What is one life tip you would recommend to those who are daring to jump off their own cliffs?  You have to trust that things work out for a reason!

How can The Rebelution members support you or your endeavors?  There are days when you just feel like giving up and having that support helps get you back in the game again.

'Hamilton', the musical about Alexander Hamilton has risen to HUGE international fame. As a 90 year old, looking back on your life...what do you want the musical of your life to be titled, and why?  The Front Door. It would be about me getting myself back into life again. There is life on the other side of that door.

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