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It’s High Time You Take Your Trip!

It' High Time To Take Your Trip!

01 Jun It’s High Time You Take Your Trip!

I’m bored!

Are we there yet?!

It’s summer: a time when most people take their vacations and travel solo or pack up and go with their families. So you might think that the phrases I’ve shared above are representing those heard in the back seats of vacationers’ cars.

You might think that – but you’d be wrong.

No, I’m talking today about the phrases most of us say every single day. “I’m bored!...with my life.  Are we there yet? - Isn’t there supposed to be more for me here? I’ve done all the right things. Where is my “someday?”

Babies know. Little kids know. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we all tend to forget what we once knew….that this Life is the GREATEST ADVENTURE we will EVER have!

As little ones, we seized every waking moment as an opportunity! Opportunity to learn, to play, to explore, to try on new things, ideas, feelings and more! We LOVED it all – except,...being told “No!”

It made us cry, pout or stomp when we heard that word.

Why? Because it was a boundary put on us; a little tether to hold us back.

Sure – some were meant legitimately for safety like "No - don't run with scissors!  No - don't touch that stove!" Other ‘No’s though were meant for the convenience of others and/or the optics of others. "No - I don't want to take you to the skating rink.  No - I don't have time to do that right now. No - you can't wear your ballet skirt with your cowboy boots!  No - boys don't cry.  No - girls don't play football.  No - you can't play with Jane, she's not like us."  Stupid 'No's.

Its how society and the status quo jump in to make sure that we all follow the RULES.

RULES: the bane of every Rebel!

Who said?


What if?

These are the questions we Rebels pepper authority with to try to understand the benefits of these boundaries. (Willie Nelson's "Don't Fence Me In" is playing in my head right now.  Ha!)

But at the end of the day, I believe the truth is still...My Life Is My Greatest Adventure; Your Life Is Your Greatest Adventure. You will note that each time it was phrased as possessive for the holder. NOT for anyone else.

Not parents. Not a boss. Not friends. Not society. Not even a spouse or children.

This life is yours to live.

You only get one and its yours to drive. YOU have the driver’s seat. Yes – you can take others with you on your trip. However YOU CHOOSE who comes with you, for how long, and what they do with you on the roadtrip. But again, it’s YOU DRIVING.

Only YOU DECIDE what you’re doing on your trip and then you won’t be bored.

Only YOU DECIDE where you are going in life and then you’ll know when you’re there.

It’s your trip. You’re driving.

You really don’ t know how long you get to drive so stop waiting for your “somedays.”

So where are you going on your trip, what are you going to do on it, and what exactly are you waiting for?  Get your life out of PARK, and put it into DRIVE Rebel!


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