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Free download of Kimberly's "29 Ways To Have Fun & Adventure Every Day":

Learn 29 Ways you can put ADVENTURE & JOY into your days again!

There Are 7 Days In A Week & "Someday" Isn't Fuckin' One of Em!

EVERY freakin' day is an ADVENTURE for the Rebel livin' out loud. Whether far away, exotic adventures, or those found in your 'normal' day, adventures are there to be had to add to your life! Rebels in The Rebelution live their "Somedays"...TODAY. They don't wait on livin' their dreams & experiences...

How's Your Life Goin'?

How's Your Life Goin'?


Meet Kimberly Roberts, Chief Rebel-Rouser & Founder of Rebel Livin' & The Rebelution

When I'm not jumping off cliffs in my own life, I am teachin' others how to do the same as I believe that I'm not alone in wanting to have lots of kickass stories to tell when I'm 90!

A farm girl from Indiana turned location independent traveler, I have a long list of adventures and more yet in store!  From driving a CASCAR and IndyLight car, qualifying for the US Jr Olympic rifle team, to being featured on Vanity Fair as one of the world's noted Judy Garland doppelgangers, I have some fantabulous stories of a life lived richly!

Now with Rebel Livin' I am building a REBELUTION of others who are tired of living a life of conformity and are dying to bust out on their Bucket Lists today!  

Together, we are committed to INSPIRING 1% OF THE WORLD to start livin' their best days...TODAY...instead of just punchin' in and out of life! For we believe, that if more of us live AUTHENTICALLY, even WITH life commitments, it will be a far better world to live in for all!  So are YOU in?

Thank you Kimberly for being there for me ALWAYS !! You have taught me to LIVE my LIFE! You truly empower others like the words of Oprah Winfrey "The Biggest Adventure you can take is to live the Life of your Dreams!" ~ Deepa Mahanti Sareen, Founder of Myiesha Myiesha

You're Gonna Be Singin' A New Tune Rebel!

With your new real life ACTION, ADVENTURE BESTIE, Kimberly by your side, you will live an authentic life, fully out loud, despite all the commitments of life: job/career, kids in school, mortgages, health, and finances. This isn't some AIRY-FAIRY coachin' that can take years for progress! Fuck that! No - these are REAL LIFE, BADASS STRATEGIES designed & PROVEN to get you Livin' Out Loud TODAY...not Fuckin' Tomorrow! Because life really is too damn short not to! #hellyeah! Whoohooo!

Who Are You? Who Who?

No - really - who ARE you?  Let's figure out you...your likes and dislikes.

Oh Dreamweaver

Start dreaming for YOU again - its ok. Deep dive into YOUR passions again.

Breaka My Stride

Nothing going to hold you down Rebel!  Learn to bust dream roadblocks.

You've Got A Friend

With Kimberly and other Rebels in the Rebelution, nothing can stop you now!

"Kimberly is a whirlwind of crazy-ass ideas & marvelous freakn’ infectious energy with crystal clear focus on helping people be better and live the life they REALLY want TODAY. Get ready for the trip of your life." ~ Roxanne Bartel, CEO/Founder of Impact Bank

Kimberly is a kind, intelligent, and passionate individual! She excels in helping others find their best paths! She is well rounded with respect to her skill set and business acumen, and consistently AMAZES me with her knowledge! Kimberly has helped me in my career growth and to make the right life choices. I can turn to Kimberly for strategies any time when I am in a rut or having trouble with a project or challenge. I really feel she is a great lifestyle strategist and this is her true calling!" ~ Sunita Reddy

You'll Be Movin' On Up To Your True Rebel Self

Tryin' It Alone Isn't Workin' - Get 'Er Done With Rebel Livin'



This FREE community is THE home for all nonconformists, rebel-rousers, and basically all who want more out of their freakin' lives!

'The Rebelution' is a movement of like-minded, passionate living people with a vision to empower ONE PERCENT OF THE WORLD to start living their 'somedays' today vs just punchin in and out of life!  Check us out and come join us in making the difference we want to see in the world!
Compass Club


Your membership in The Compass Club will provide monthly trainings, group Q & A calls, activities, and real life PARTNER PROJECTS with others all over the world! The Compass Club is designed to teach you how to authentically live out loud and not just in some online training, but with real life practical and accountable hands-on projects!  Cancel anytime! 

60 Min


Following your completion of an exhaustive questionnaire designed to maximize our time together, we will jump on a full, action packed 60 Minute Deep Dive call together to TACKLE whatever you need some Rebel Strategies on for your authentic life! 

Sometimes, you just need to get on the phone!  I get it. That's why I've created Dial-A-Rebel calls - 60 Minutes with me where we will deep dive into what will help the most.  It’s amazing how much a couple of committed Rebels can get done in just one hour!
90 Day


This 90 Day Intensive program was designed for those who want to get living their authentic lives, like TODAY, not tomorrow!  This is NOT for the faint of heart or schedule!

This program is chock full of ACTIONS, INSIGHTS, and um, MORE ACTIONS designed to get you deep into who you really are, bust your fears, and learn how to make action steps into your dreams like a BOSS - in a HURRY!
The Cliffjumper


The Signature Rebel Livin' VIP Program designed exclusively for those who want to get things done in their life for once and for all, and aren't willing to take chances doing it themselves anymore!

In this program, you'll TAKE ACTION on discovering who you really are, in what you want to do in your life (for YOU for once vs what everyone else says), and what action steps to take next!  You'll BUST FEARS that have been holdin' you back for decades & will become a OBSTACLE EATIN MACHINE to finally CLAIM YOUR FULL AUTHENTIC LIFE!